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I’m sorry for my absence! Got caught up with my role play blog and to be quite honest I’m having a ton of fun over there, haha!

I know I have fanfics and stuff I need to publish/finish, please bare with me I’m not the best when it comes to prioritizing. :P


Anonymous asked:

I have no idea how it would work but I'd love to see Waylon topping Jeremy somehow uwu

This was an awesome prompt and I wanted to write a ton more, but had to control myself so as to not get out of hand, haha!

Role Reversal - Waylon Park/Jeremy Blaire

NSFW-ish, no real graphic content but very suggestive.

Summary: Waylon catches Jeremy and decides to turn the tables.

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Outlast Shirts!

While I was at A-Fest I chatted with one of the booth owners in the dealer room, where he was selling some really awesome fandom shirts he designed himself! These were decently printed, very nice quality shirts and some even had glow in the dark features.

I ended up lamenting that I couldn’t find anything Outlast related while I was at the con, and that I would be willing to buy any sort of shirt pertaining to Outlast. The gentleman implored me as to what Outlast was and I excitedly told him about it, and even how there was a large fandom community here on tumblr.

Although he said he’s not a personal fan of survival horror, mostly cause he doesn’t like playing scary games, he told me he would buy and play Outlast so that he could learn more about it and even make shirt designs to sell!

I gave him my contact info and he said he’ll get back to me once he’s done playing the game.

TL;DR There’s a good chance we’ll be able to buy fandom shirts now!

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